Differences Between Classic Slot Machines And Video Slot Machines

Classic and video slot machines are one of the most sought after and played games in every casino in the world. However, there are players who prefer a certain type of slot machine. Learn the difference between slot machines classic and video slot machines and choose the one that most identify with you and your way of being in a casino.

    • Classic slot machines have old technology as they have very basic functions. In slots, there are no major inequalities when compared to video slot machines, but in terms of sounds and graphics, the differences are evident. On the other hand, video machines offer other types of benefits that classic ones don’t have, such as free spins, bet bonuses and freerolls.
    • The shape and size of the coin used in classic and video slot machines are slightly different. In the case of video slot machines, the currency is smaller because the support for it is much smaller than that used in classic slot machines.
    • Video slot machines also feature more winning combinations than classic slot machines and that’s why the paytables are so different. Another differentiating aspect includes the ability to bet more than a single coin for each line.
    • Currently, video slot machines are more popular than classic slot machines. This popularization is related to the fact that bettors are more likely to succeed in real winnings on video machines than non-classic machines. The higher number of winning combinations is due to the fact that there are more pay lines on video slot machines.
    • The entertainment they both provide. In video slot machines, players have more entertainment options due to the themes and dynamic graphics they present. Classic slot machines are simpler and sometimes more monotonous.
    • Slot machines use mechanical reels to show players winning combinations. While the classic slot machine used five reels, today’s three-reel slot machines are the most sought after and played. The only problem with these machines is that the number of combinations is only cubic. This handicap limits the manufacturer’s ability to offer large jackpots as they only have a 0.1% chance of winning.
    • Video slot machine makers offer more winning symbols than classic slot machines. Thus, the possibility of missing symbols appearing on the pay line has become disproportionate to its frequency. A symbol that only appeared once, can now occupy several different places on the reels and reward players.
  • The microprocessors inside video slot machines allow manufacturers to assign a different probability to each of the symbols on each reel. The video slot machine is a newer innovation, with no moving parts at all, instead of a graphical representation that appears on the screen. Furthermore, as there are no mechanical restrictions on the design of classic slot machines, the video display shows five reels instead of the traditional three.
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